Lumpy's Deli & Pie Shop
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Breads & Biscuits 
Wheat, Pepperoni,
Jalapeno & Cheddar,
 Multi grain 
Cinnamon Raisin, 
Cinnamon, Wheat, Italian, 
Southern Biscuits

Buns​ & Rolls
Kaiser, Wheat,Sausage,
 Clover leaf,
Hamburger, Hot Dog,

We are famous for our pepperoni rolls and cheese rolls...but that's not all they come here for! Preservative free breads and buns baked every morning. We take great pride in baking high quality breads and buns for our sandwiches and our customers families.
Lumpy's FAMOUS pepperoni & pepperoni & cheese rolls...need I say more
For as long as anyone can remember Lumpy's
 has been famous for pepperoni and cheese rolls.

They are a staple in our store. Don't forget to stop
 in early while they are HOT...or just ask us 
you know we are glad to heat them up!

FUNDRAISER opportunity! 
​Contact our store manager for more information for your next fundraiser. Our pepperoni rolls and hoagies are priced to make not for profit organizations maximum return.

Help your organization and support a local business....WIN WIN! 
Seasonal offerings are always available throughout the year. All breads, buns, biscuits are preservative free so please refrigerate.